New generation cords for window blinds

Postigon uses the latest technologies in the production of cords for blinds, pleated blindsand ladders strings for blinds. Careful selection of yarn from the best manufacturers in the world allows to create strings for blinds with high performance.

Innovated cords

We specialize in supplying limited avaibility products on the market in case of the complexity of the production processes.

Special materials

Depending on the application we use special ingredients such as VECTRAN eg used by NASA for the production of space suits.

Precise execution

Our 0.8mm strings are available as circular and rectangular. For heavy products we offer string with an additional core. As one of the few on the market we are able to offer ladder tape with a controlled stroke.

Advanced cord quality control

Postigon developed a multi-stage quality control of offered cords for blinds. High quality is not only perfect appearance of cord.

For production lines

Our experience led to the creation of strings, which are rapidly mounted on the production line without unnecessary material tangling. This speeds up the process of window blinds assembling in your factory.

Of use

Newest production technology and a wide range of tests led to the development of strings that look great, are resistant to stretching and withstand high loads

Of colors

The exact color control and newest dyeing method cause to maintain constant color even under high sunlight. We offer the widest range of cord colors.

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